El Swing de Nueva York

by Fajardo, Jr.

Released 2011
FYSE Enterprises
Released 2011
FYSE Enterprises
El swing de Nueva York was composed arranged by Hector Davila. Fajardo, Jr. wanted a song that spoke about him and his father and Hector Davila made his vision come true on this song. This song promises to keep you dancing on every play. After many hours of dedicated studio time, Fajardo, Jr. offers this to all of his dancers and hope you all enjoy this new project.

Members of Fajardo, Jr.'s band:
Fajardo, Jr. (Timbales & Lead Vocal), Ines Fajardo (Coro), Alex Maiorano (Coro), Dave Santiago, Jr. (Flute), Hector Davila (Piano), Willie Cintron (Bass), Miguel "Pacha" Pozo (Guiro), Little Johnny Rivero (Conga), Ali Bello (Violin), Dave Rimelis (Violin), Jose Davila (Trombone), Carlos Orduz (Baritone Sax)

Special Guest On the recording:
Angel Rios (Coro)
Kevin Pagan (Bass)

Recording Engineer:
Erik Piza (Favor Studios) - Elizabeth, New Jersey

Produced by:
Hector Davila
Fajardo, Jr.

Mixing Engineer:
Guido Diaz (Skylight Studios) - Union, New Jersey

Executive Producer:
FYSE Enterprises - Little Falls, New Jersey

Fajardo, Jr's photo by Martin Cohen (www.congahead.com) - Montvale, NJ

Cover Artist:
Alex Maiorano - Paterson, NJ

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